What is AML?

What is AML, and why is it essential to understand it? We are all subject to AML without questioning it. But how many of us understand what it is about and know that those simple, everyday procedures we are subject to are part of it?
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Charity’s Independent Examination

Once a year, every Charity is required to submit its Accounts and Trustees' Report to the Charity Commission. A Registered Charity’s accounts must be checked once a year, usually before the submission to the Charity Commission. This check can be just for the accuracy of entries without going into the transaction details, or it ....
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Travel on a budget

If you want to travel on a budget and are looking for a bargain, keep reading; you will find some ideas here. And to top it, if you are on a tight budget and want to keep your cost down and be eco-friendly, even better. I will show you all this and some options for travelling independently from the big providers.
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Limited Company

What is a Micro-Company, and how is it different from any other Company? How setting up a Micro-Company can benefit me and my business? What duties and responsibilities do I have as a Company Director? The answer to these and many more questions is...
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