Christmas on a Budget - is this even possible? This time of the year is not for a scrooge! Responding to a message of Christmas, we tend to overspend. And this year is no different. However, with the increased cost of living and energy prices, it is crucial to get a handle on spending. Can we do anything to save money this Christmas? Below are some tips:

1. Agree on a realistic budget for your gift and Christmas spending– if you tend to get carried away and be overgenerous, that will help stop this.

2. Agree on what presents to buy and who buys what to avoid unwanted gifts and doubling.

3. Buy more durable presents, if possible. 

5. Buy less wrapping, and reuse bags and paper. Wrap up the leftover food in green bee wraps, which are slightly more expensive but totally recyclable and eco-friendly.

5. Put a timer on the Christmas lights. It will prevent uncontrollable energy use and a spike in your December bill.

6. When shopping, go with a list and stick to the essentials for the recipes you want to follow and the allocated, Christmas budget.

7. Cook less to avoid waste and consider a vegetarian diet to support the environment.

Think in advance about how you are going to store the leftover food.

8. Travel less and make meaningful journeys, transporting more people at a time if possible.   

9. Dispose of your rubbish sensibly, recycling plastic and reusing packaging.

10. Don't stress out! Remember what Christmas is really all about!

Christmas on a Budget? - Your Tax Assistant

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Christmas on a Budget?