With 2018 already here Your Tax Assistant would like to wish you a prosperous year.

Focusing on the year ahead we inevitably think  about change and the future.  In this article I would like to

  • Embrace  achievements
  • Stress on one small change and on….
  • Constantly going forward
  • Consider how to do more for future generations

We all have a tendency to be critical about ourselves. Year upon year, we set up goals and raise expectations of ourselves.

The top five goals are: get organised, save more, spend less, stay fit and healthy and stop smoking.  However, did you know that  most of our resolutions are already broken by the second week of January?                                                           

… Presented with those facts we may think that it is useless altogether to make resolutions. And it may seem like it. The truth is that the secret of our success lies not in the number of new ideas or projects we undertake, but in how we apply ourselves to them. 

Yes, it is  easy to slip in our commitments, so this year let’s  take up  One project Only.  Well,  maybe two or three if we are (or become) well organised and can handle our time well.   

We may look around and not like what we see, and think of changing many things, but we must resist this temptation.  Without a plan and strategy our ideas will stay only as ideas or if attempted, may turn into chaos.  It would be worth now to reflect on past mistakes as this can help sharpen our focus on new strategies.  In staying all the time positive, we must  remember that half of our future achievement is already in our attitude to ourselves.  Only if we  truly appreciate what we have  already accomplished, can we  set up new healthy habits and patterns.    And we must  be constantly moving forward.  At Your Tax Assistant, we think that it is time to adopt an attitude of walking in our commitments and undertakings as this way we are constantly progressing. 

And as part of our commitment to change  for the sake of  future generations,  discover more about young people and their attitude to work .       Tune in with them,  think how to attract young talent to your workplace, consider what matters to them and change this  one thing today that will truly make the difference. Whether it is to recycle or reuse more, ditch the car, change the way we run the office,  heat our home or go vegan, our decision, however small, will make a massive impact globally.

Part of the plan for the future should be to  revise your strategy and change this one thing. And remember…

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius


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